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Features Group Fitness Classes
and Personal Training for All Fitness Levels.

All classes are 45 minutes except Sunday Kickboxing

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JABS Ferndale Classes

Cardio / Kickboxing

Intense 45-Minute Cardio
Workout – Burn up to 1,000 calories!

This high-energy cardio class makes working out fun. Learn the fundamentals of boxing through high-intensity punch combinations on your own bag, in a state of the art black light classroom. Our instructors are regarded as the best in the industry and include several Professional and World Champion Boxers (Kickboxers). Each teacher has their own style, and integrate punches, footwork, kicks, as well as core and floor work mixed in. Open to everyone from new rookies to veterans!


Round by Round Boxing & Training

This workout for champions is a top favorite. Great for all levels of fitness. We use our boxing timer with is 3 minute on and 1 minute rest. Within those 3 minute we will be hitting actual boxing techniques, Drills, punches and more, mixed in with our weight training workouts up to 12lbs. for ladies and 15lbs. for men. Anything over you'll have to look into person training or semi privates.

Boxing Training Camp

A group training that will give you the full boxing experience both in and out of the ring!

From focus mitts, to shadow boxing, speed bag training and more. Take yourself through the step by step training regiments of the pros.


A 45 Minute class of Kickboxing mixed with Yoga poses.

Boxing’s yoga, our signature workout were we box yoga style. In yoga you learn to channel it, in boxing you release it. Using boxing punches, moves, and hit aerobics moves that build up step by step, punch by punch to make a full flow. Non stop from start to end. Fun, energetic, for all fitness levels.  

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